Ava analytics appliances

Ava security appliances

Leverage hardware acceleration and ubiquitous analytics at scale.


Optimized for
Ava Aware

The Ava security appliances come in a variety of sizes optimized for Ava Aware and are tailored and tested to ensure your deployment is easy to manage. Each includes Nvidia GPUs to support Aware's machine learning-based video analytics and is pre-loaded with certificates for always-on security.

Ava security appliances features



Each Ava security appliance can be configured with multiple drives with individual capacity up to 16TB, allowing for up to 192TB of SATA recording storage.


Enhanced security

Ava appliances run a hardened Linux kernel to provide security of your data and recordings. Equipped with a dedicated TPM module, the appliances minimize the risks of cyberthreats. To prevent the physical loss of recordings, all the data written on the recording disks is encrypted.


Complete hardware support

Ava provides full support across the entire Ava appliances product range, ensuring full compatibility with other Ava products. With enhanced support, you have next-business-day replacement units to keep your deployment up and running at all times.



Ava appliances come in a range of sizes supporting deployments of different proportions and topologies. From a single appliance in a single site to multiple appliances globally distributed, our servers provide a scalable solution that can grow with your demands, while continually maintaining access to all your cameras throughout your installation.



Designed to ensure maximum redundancy and reliability, recording disk, power supply or fan failures don’t prevent the Ava video security solution from performing at full capacity. Depending on the model, appliance components are hot-swappable, allowing for simple replacements without any downtime.


Data throughput

Each Ava appliance can be equipped with dual Ethernet interfaces, allowing for separate networks. Our larger appliances have 10Gb Ethernet interfaces for maximum data throughput.

Ava security appliances models

Ava A500


A500 is a workstation appliance with 3 hard disks. Suitable for the smallest deployments, or remote sites in distributed deployments.

  • up to 16 cameras supported
  • Nvidia GeForce GPU
  • SATA storage up to 48TB (raw), 32TB (net)
  • up to 5-year warranty
Ava A1000


A1000 is a workstation appliance with 4 hard disks. Suitable for smaller deployments, or remote sites in distributed deployments.

  • up to 75 cameras supported
  • Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000 GPU
  • SATA storage up to 64TB (raw), 48TB (net)
  • up to 5-year warranty
Ava A2000


A2000 is a 2U rack-mounted appliance with 12 hard disks. Suitable for medium sized deployments, or as part of larger deployments.

  • up to 100 cameras supported
  • Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000 GPU
  • SATA storage up to 192TB (raw), 160TB (net)
  • up to 5-year warranty
Ava A3000


A3000 is a 2U rack-mounted unit with 12 hard disks and 2 GPUs. Suitable for environments requiring the highest processing density.

  • up to 200 cameras supported
  • 2 × Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000
  • SATA storage up to 192TB (raw), 160TB (net)
  • up to 5-year warranty

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