Ava Reveal

Ava Reveal: insider risk detection and response

Ava Reveal helps you understand human and device behavioral patterns in real time. Strengthen your defense against insider risks–malicious, careless, and accidental.

Cost of insider threats per organization

Annual cost of all insider incidents

Annual cost of all insider incidents
Annual cost of malicious incidents

Annual cost of malicious incidents
Time to contain more than 1/3 of insider incidents

Time to contain more than 1/3 of insider incidents

Ava Reveal is an insider risk detection & response solution designed with human behavior in mind

From non-malicious to malicious. From unintentional to intentional. From the average user to the cyber expert.
Ava Reveal is an insider risk detection & response solution designed with human behavior in mind
insider risk

Insider risk is one of the costliest types of data breaches

Companies tend to overestimate the impact a malicious outsider has on an organization. What the malicious outsider wants – that which employees, interns, independent contractors, as well as business partners and third parties already have – is privileged access to sensitive data.

Reveal employs a combination of policy and machine learning sensors to detect and stop insider risks.

Data loss protection
Human error is the leading cause of data breaches

Human error is the leading cause of data breaches

Employees unknowingly or unintentionally expose their organizations to breaches by browsing risky websites, downloading malicious files, accessing confidential data through unsecured Wi-Fi networks, or inserting USB sticks containing malware.

Reveal provides incident-based training to educate employees, enforce Acceptable Use Policies, and safeguard against threats.

User awareness training

Ava Reveal provides

Out-of-the-box and configurable policies

Powerful detection using the policy engine & machine learning analytics

Automated online & offline policy enforcement

Actionable alerts of
high-risk factors

Anonymized user activity monitoring

Simple reporting on the organization's security posture

Policy and machine learning

Machine learning

Ava’s breakthrough machine learning component combines multiple algorithms that monitor user, entity, and network behavior to detect security threats. The machine learning generates statistically robust models of behavior that are tailored to each individual in an organization and achieve better predictive performance.

Out of the box configurable


Policies allow you to automate threat detection and response by defining rules for specific user activities and the actions that are taken if these rules are breached. Reveal offers an extensive number of out-of-the-box and configurable policies that you can customize to align with your IT policies and security needs.



The Reveal solution enables you to halt suspicious activity by performing actions on computers, including isolate, lock, take screenshot, display message, reboot, and block.

Simple reports security


Understand and transform your security posture with interactive policy violation reporting. The policy reports page lets you view high- and low-level policy sensor data, so you can assess the effectiveness of your existing security controls and identify areas for improvement.

MSSP large-26-1

Are you a MSSP?

The Reveal MSSP Console helps managed security service providers (MSSPs) to mitigate insider risks across multiple organizations. With the MSSP Console you can easily scale your business by managing multiple Saas deployments from POC to to production through a single pane of glass.

Check out MSSP Console for Ava Partners






Augment the operators you have

Augment the operators you have

Increase operational efficiency with rich contextual knowledge, machine learning and smart sensors beyond static policies.

Enhance threat hunting

Enhance threat hunting

Boost your team’s threat hunting skills, tailored to your specific needs at a fraction of hiring costs using our full-service analysts.

Change bad cyber hygiene behavior

Change bad cyber hygiene behavior

Achieve lasting impactful effects on employee’s cyber hygiene with incident-based feedback. Periodic security awareness training is proved to be ineffective, time-consuming, and expensive.

Deployment with a lightweight agent

Deployment with a lightweight agent

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    Winner of seven out of ten categories, including best overall performance.

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    Distinguished vendor with solution to the challenge of supporting the SOC analysts.

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    Outstanding New Security Product 2019.

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